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Harry Potter Movie Series


Since the first production of the Harry Potter movie series, the movie has tended to be seen as a vehicle for the
other movies in the series and their stars.


Based on the JK Rowling books, Harry Potter movies were delightful creations. Christoper Colombus, as the director, presented them in wonderful ways. The setting was described in good movie effects.

Some movies, which were changed their plots, were criticized by some Harry Potter lovers. They seemed uneasy to accept the story in the movie. They wanted the story of the movies were really describing the books. However, the trio in Harry Potter; Harry, Hermione, and Ron were still admirable.


Although the changes seem uneasy to accept, every next episode movie of Harry Potter was always waited by Harry Potter lovers.


All of the contrary of these situations, Harry Potter movies still bring enjoyment to many people.

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