Hazards Identification and Prioritization in Formal Safety Assessment Using Fuzzy Logic Theory

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Author: G. N. Dourmas; N. V. Nikitakos; M. A. Lambrou


Formal safety assessment of ships has attracted great attention over the last few years. This paper, following a brief review of the current status of marine safety assessment is focused on the hazards identification (HAZID) and prioritization process, as the first step in the formal ship safety assessment. A multicriteria decision making framework which is based on experts’ estimation is then proposed for hazards evaluation. This paper proposes an innovative methodological approach to evaluate hazards by turning the qualitative judgments to quantitative, where sets of general and domain-specific criteria are used to judge the relative consequences of alternative hazards. The proposed methodology has the innovative feature of embodying techniques of fuzzy logic theory into the classical multicriteria decision analysis. The paper concludes by exploring the potentiality of the above methodology in providing a robust and flexible evaluation framework suitable to the characteristics of a hazard evaluation problem.


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