LNG Carrier “Hilli” Power Plant Control & Protection Conversion

Laporan study kasus pada kapal tanker dengan genset kapal menggunakan load sharer
LNG Carrier “Hilli” Power Plant Control & Protection Conversion

The LNG tanker Hilli is managed by Golar Management. The vessel is a steam engine driven,liquefied natural gas/liquefied petroleum gas carrier with six spherical cargo tanks. Hilli was built in Norway in 1975 by Moss Rosenberg Stavanger. The vessel has been carrying gas ever since delivery without major incident.

Summary of Issues

The vessel was due for a thorough “life extension” to guarantee a further 10-15 years of operation. A key part of this life extension was to ensure that the existing power system was as robust and reliable as possible.
As the power generation system is critical to the operation of the vessel, particular attention was paid to the control and protection of the generating plant on board…..

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