SOAL Fisika SBI – Kecepatan

  1. A racing car has an initial velocity of 100m/s and it covers a displacement of 725m in 10s. Find its acceleration.
  2. An object starts from rest, moves in a straight line with a constant acceleration and covers a distance of 64m in 4s. Calculate: its acceleration and its velocity at what time the object had covered half the total distance, what distance the object had covered in half the total time?
  3. A car starts  at 10 m/s and accelerates at 1 m/s²for 10 seconds. What is it’s final velocity?
  4. A car starts from rest, and accelerates at 1 m/s² for 10 seconds. How far does it move?
  5. A car is going 30 m/s and stops in 2 seconds. What is it’s stopping distance for this speed?
  6. A car going at 20 m/s stops in a distance of 20 m/s. What is it’s deceleration?
  7. If the car is 1 Tonne (1000 Kg, or 1 Mg) how much force do the brakes exert?

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